One of EST's main commitments is the safety of our customers, in addition to continuously improving for these reasons in 2006 we certified with C-TPAT:

The Customs and Trade Counter-Terrorism Association (C-TPAT) is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) focused on improving the security of private companies' supply chains with respect to terrorism.

The program was launched in November 2001 with seven initial participants, all large American companies. Companies that obtain C-TPAT certification must have a documented process to determine and alleviate risk throughout their international supply chain. This allows companies to be considered low-risk, resulting in accelerated processing of their cargo, including fewer customs reviews. Our company has been certified and validated since April 2006.



SmartWay Transport Partnership is a business organization run by the U.S. government and designed to encourage companies to manage logistics in an environmentally responsible manner. The program was formed in 2004, and is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and is hosted by use PA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) - Transportation and Climate Division (TCD).

SmartWay aims to voluntarily achieve greater fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of cargo transport. SmartWay currently has approximately 600 member businesses, membership is voluntary. The organization provides incentives and recognition to the best employees to encourage continuous improvement.



The California Air Resources Board, known as CARB, is an autarchy attached to the California Environmental Protection Agency and is the public body within the California government responsible for monitoring and maintaining air quality at healthy levels throughout the state.

It has the function of protecting the public from exposure to toxic air pollutants, and creating innovative policies and regulations to enforce air pollution regulations.