Full Truck Load

FTL, (full truck load) Sending a full truck provides more options for your cargo. Sending FTL from source to destination is the most efficient way in time and costs to move a load quantity. Your merchandise is left with a dedicated trailer, which means there is no need to consolidate with another cargo.

EST logistic connects you to any type of FTL you need:

  • Ventilated loads.
  • Removable platforms.
  • Heavy transport trucks.
  • Refrigerated trucks.

Your load is safe with us

As a general rule, FTL shipments typically range from 15,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds. The price of FTL Shipping is based on a per-mile fare cost with a minimum charge per charge. We deliver to all 48 U.S. states, CANADA, as well as throughout the Mexican republic. We have type of units, some of them are, dry boxes, platforms, tractors, bobtails, step van and vans.