Low truck load

LTL or low truck load, Renamed in Spanish as Consolidated Cargo and in some cases as Partial Cargo conceptually, is mainly the shipment of less than one truck load or less of the cargo, it is basically the transport of relatively small cargo, we consolidate goods throughout the United States.

EST Logistic connects you to any type of LTL you need:

  • LTL Standard.
  • LTL Accelerated (urgent shipping) hasty but guaranteed.
  • Excess LTL dimensions.
  • Services for exhibitions and fairs of high commercial value and high security.

Your load is safe with us

Our sufficient network of prequalified drivers and our purchasing power ensure that you get the right driver at the right price.

E-commerce has encouraged transport optimization and flexibility of the entire supply chain. One of the variants of the transport you have driven or re-loaded is the LTL – Less Than Truckload, under the aim of finding available load capacity. We make the LTL easy